Thank you for participating in the Tenants Union of Washington State's Policy Priorities and Satisfaction Survey. Your input is valued and will be used to guide our policy plans, programs, and overall practices.
The survey consists of 10 questions with an opportunity at the end of the survey to input your thoughts about housing, the TU, Washington State, and suggest changes to anything (our programs, our policies, our practices, etc.). Our goal is to build a better TU with capacity to respond to all housing needs throughout the state. Thank you for your thoughtful input!
Which city or town do you live in?

How much rent do you pay each month?

How satisfied are you with your housing situation?

What are the most pressing problems currently facing your city or town?

What are the most pressing problems facing housing in Washington State today?

What do you want the Tenants Union to focus on this and next year?

Please choose as many options as you see fit.

Is there anything you'd like the Tenants Union to start or continue working on to better the housing landscape in Washington State?

Anything goes - what's your dream for Washington State in terms of housing?
Have you been, or are you currently, a member of the Tenants Union?

Membership is described as someone who pays dues to the Tenants Union to benefit from TU services and membership perks. Dues are whatever is meaningful to you, and usually amount to $1.00 for every $1,000.00 of annual income.
How effective is the Tenants Union at working with tenants, community members, and policymakers to solve housing issues?

1 star is not effective at all, and 5 stars is very effective.

Notes / Questions / Comments:

Is there anything you wish we would have asked about? Anything you'd like to add? Would you like to see more magic tricks at our General Meetings? Let us know!
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